Why Do Yoga?

In Hindu tradition, yoga is a practical discipline as well as a spiritual one. Yoga is many things to many people. Some people do yoga:

  • as a spiritual endeavour; to still the mind and to raise the consciousness

  • purely for the physical benefits. Asana practice (yoga postures) massage and stimulate the organs. Breathing techniques re-oxygenate the blood. The renewed blood is then carried to the organs where it heals and rejuvenates the body

  • because it helps them to look good. The stretching and strengthening of yoga practice tones the body

  • for the relaxation; to quiet a busy mind and to release tension in the body

  • for the breath work - pranayama (yogic breathing) helps to cleanse the lungs and bring much needed oxygen to starved cells throughout the body

  • for its meditative qualities; to combat anxiety, to gain control of the mind and settle restless thoughts, to create a feeling of calmness and as a catalyst for changing moods

  • to maintain optimal health, as a mental and physical guide to 'good' living

  • for its therapeutic and rejuvenating effects; to stimulate the prana (life-force or energy)

But the most important reason to do yoga is to do it just for YOU!

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