Program Focus & Lesson Structure

'The word yoga [which literally translates as 'yoke'] means unity or integration, the integration of body, mind and spirit.'

Program Focus

The physical 'spoke' of the 'yoga wheel' is called Hatha Yoga—as opposed to, for example, the meditative or the vocal components (Raja Yoga or Mantra Yoga), see the Wheel of Yoga. There are numerous schools or sub-strands of Hatha Yoga available (involving different levels of the other aspects of yoga, such as meditation), so it is important to find one that suits your needs. The style of yoga I use I call Mood Yoga—it is a meditative form of yoga that works with the body and the mind. The postures can be as easy or as challenging as you need. In my yoga classes you will learn various yogic principles beneficial for everyday life. These principles will help you to cope with the day-to-day stressors that may threaten your sense of well-being.

My yoga classes are designed to help the individual feel 'at home' with yoga. There will be nothing given to you that you are not able to handle. The classes have a natural flow that supports the essence of what yoga is all about—wellbeing. Participants are asked to practice self-assessment and not to over do it. What you will learn will help you to become familiar with the principles and practices of yogic tradition so that you can do your practice at home. Each part of the class gradually builds on what has come before, both in the lesson and in previous classes.

Lesson Structure

The flow of the class is as follows:

  1. Quiet meditation to focus attention
  2. Ratio breathing
  3. Warm up (gentle asanas)
  4. Work with core strength (more dynamic poses)
  5. Unwind and stretch out
  6. Relaxation
  7. Short meditation (if time allows)

The classes are designed to include as much of the yoga experience as possible. The philosophy of yoga is explained and the general principles and practices are outlined. I aim for a very relaxed and easy-going atmosphere—creating a warm and friendly environment that inspires peace and is truly nurturing.

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