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Yoga Classes Feedback

'I felt so good at the completion of relaxation class. I love your calm, soft approach. Great! Nice venue too.'

'Enjoyed all the classes and think Jane is a great teacher. Am very impressed.'

'I feel at mental peace after my classes.'

'I enjoyed the classes and appreciated your calm and caring manner.'

'Love the meditation.'

'Thank you. It's been great, a definite help for me and my stress/anxiety.'

'I least enjoyed having to leave at the end of the session.'

Yoga Retreats Feedback

'It was wonderful—the yoga, the food, the philosophy, the company, the location—all way beyond my expectations.'

'This weekend introduced me to a side of yoga I never new existed.'

'Everything was perfect—especially the happiness workshop. I feel more capable both in mind and body.'

'...a life changing experience.'

'Thank you for the nurturing, healing, happy weekend. I appreciated every minute.'

'I thoroughly enjoyed the weekend and think you are on a winner. Also, good value for money.'

'Just what I need to feel I can go back to my life and cope much better. My mind feels clearer and I have lots of new ideas on how to cope with stress.'

'I loved getting to know the other ladies. I loved the food, the view and of course, the yoga.'

'I loved everything about the weekend—the meals, company, yoga and relaxation, especially the workshop. Thank you for such a relaxing, re-energising and beautiful weekend.'

'I loved the venue—a view to live for—so clean and comfortable—small details had been attended to—very generous and giving hosts. Thank you so very much.'

Praise for Jane's Writing:

'I loved your article in issue 11 of Australian Yoga Life. Every word was beautifully and intelligently placed for maximum impact and ease of comprehension. I sincerely thank the divine essence in you that has allowed me such insight via your article.'

Jenny 2005

'I recently read your book Who Am I?. It was borrowed from the library by a group of adult disabled women who I take for yoga classes each Friday. I've been doing the classes with them for about 4 years now and the book has inspired them to do more yoga postures at their day centre when the opportunity arises. I love the hugging pose! It's great to find such a simple, well illustrated book that all can learn from. As I teach from the Satyananda tradition, all was familiar. Thanks for such a lovely, inspiring book and I look forward to finding Magic Me in the near future. I'm becoming a grandma later this year so these books will be on my list to buy for the new grandchild!'

Heather 2005