Who Am I?

Yoga for Children of All Ages

By Jane Wiesner
Illustrated by Annie White

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'This delightful book is a refreshing approach to the introduction of yoga.'
Wellbeing Magazine

'What makes this book special is that each of the illustrations shows an exact yoga pose and in the back there's six pages of precise yoga instructions. The result is a book that makes a fun workout to do in the company of children, for their benefit and yours.'
Vital Magazine

'Who Am I? Yoga for Children of All Ages by Jane Lee Wiesner introduces kids to yoga in a lighthearted way.'
Family Circle Magazine

'This beautiful book will help teach kids the basics of Yoga and also help you teach to them—not only Yoga poses but focus, concentration, relaxation and confidence to be themselves. The illustrations are wonderful and related to nature.'
A to Zen Magazine

'Jane's book is a lighthearted approach to yoga asana for children. Written with an interactive approach and an emphasis on enjoyment, it is designed not only for children but the whole family, to inspire the imagination, while at the same time, promoting good health, both mentally and physically... Beautifully illustrated by Annie White. Superb!'
Australian Yoga Life Magazine

Yoga Magic
A child’s world is full of mystery and magic. Children love to pretend. When my children were young one of their greatest joys came from singing and dancing to an old Playschool record. Their faces would light up with delight as they experienced the wonder of play-acting. Dressed in home-made costumes, they would gather a captive audience, excited and happy when their audience joined in with the theatrics. Dancing, singing and acting allows the child to be free and spontaneous. It unburdens them from the more serious side of life. This kind of play gives them the opportunity to explore and express their feelings in a non-threatening, light-hearted way.

Health & Happiness
Who Am I? is designed to inspire the child’s imagination, while at the same time promoting good health both mentally and physically. Written with an emphasis on fun, Who Am I? introduces the child to the practice of yoga. Why yoga, you might ask? Yoga operates on the principle that happiness and health are not externally generated. Instead, they come from within us—from the strength and power of self approval, self-acceptance and self-love—from the natural biochemical effects of these qualities—from the practical benefits of physical exercise.

Yoga not only works on improving physical fitness and molding body shape, it also works with building emotional strength and self-esteem. On a physical level, yoga practice massages the body’s vital organs, strengthens and tones the muscles and re-oxygenates the blood; taking vital nutrients to every cell in the body. On a psychological level, yoga practice helps to relieve tension and anxiety, providing techniques to help children cope with stressful situations. Yoga also helps to improve concentration and focus. In short, the ancient wisdom of yoga will help your child to develop positive health habits and reinforce a strong sense of self-worth.

Physical Expression
Who Am I? strives to take the child to a place of both joy and calm. Yoga practice can help to feed a child’s inner needs, as the child grows it gives him/her a sense of poise, confidence and dignity. The interactive approach of this book allows the child to experience the freedom and the pleasure that comes from creative play, while strengthening and enhancing his/her well being. It combines the playfulness of physical expression with the benefits of health and fitness. Who Am I? is a spirited journey inwards.

Supporting young people with cancer
Fifty cents from the sale of each book will be donated to CanTeen. CanTeen is a national peer support network for young people aged 12-24, living with cancer.

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