Magic Me

Yoga, A Magical Gift for All Ages

By Jane Wiesner
Illustrated by Joy Antonie

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Published by Michelle Anderson Publishing

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Health & Happiness
If I asked you what you want most for your child you would probably answer 'health and happiness'. What you may not realise is how much these two things depend on each other. It’s pretty hard to be healthy when you’re sad and it’s not easy to feel happy when you’re in poor health.

Why yoga?
Yoga operates on the principle that happiness and health are not externally generated. Instead, they come from within us—from the strength and power of self approval, self-acceptance and self-love—from the natural biochemical effects of these qualities—from the practical benefits of physical exercise. Yoga not only works on improving physical fitness and molding body shape, it also works with building emotional strength and self-esteem.

Positive Health Habits
On a physical level, yoga practice massages the body’s vital organs, strengthens and tones the muscles and re-oxygenates the blood; taking vital nutrients to every cell in the body. On a psychological level, yoga practice helps to relieve tension and anxiety, providing techniques to help children cope with stressful situations. Yoga also helps to improve concentration and focus. The ancient wisdom of yoga will help your child to develop positive health habits and reinforce a strong sense of self-worth.

The wisdom of yoga has been around for thousands of years. In fact, many of today’s popular forms of exercise have been developed from yogic tradition. Magic Me is not just a book about yoga, it is designed to inspire the imagination and create a sense of wonderment and joy. It is an interactive book of fun, fitness and self-discovery for children from 1 to 101.

Creative Play
Magic Me allows the child to experience the benefits of yoga along with the freedom and pleasure of creative play. Sharing the fun of yoga practice will lighten the heart, free the mind from worry, lift the spirit and revitalise the body and the mind. So, why not take time to create a sense of joy and peace for you and your child through the “magic” of yoga.