By Jane Wiesner
Illustrated by Annie White

By Jane Wiesner
Illustrated by Joy Antonie

Photographed and created
by Jane Wiesner


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Who Am I? Yoga for Children of All Ages and Magic Me: Yoga, A Magical Gift for All Ages are designed to serve several purposes:

Children’s Picture Books
Who Am I? and Magic Me are fun books to read. Their colourful images and underlying themes promote self-esteem and provide a lovely way to end the day at bedtime or a cheerful read in the classroom.

Interactive Play and Exercise Books
Who Am I? and Magic Me can be used with a more interactive approach by adult (parent, teacher or carer) and child. They provide a terrific way for adult and child to share the joy of exercising and both books are a great source of creative play for home or the classroom.

Adult Yoga Reference Books
Who Am I? and Magic Me can be used purely as yoga reference books for adult practice. The yoga student can use these books for general yoga instruction and follow the sequence of asanas (yoga postures) for a healthy daily practice.

Why Yoga?
We all want the best for our children. We want them to be happy and healthy. Teaching our young the wisdom of Yoga can help them to achieve something very special - the precious gift of self-acceptance. Jane Wiesner, the author, believes that the ancient art of yoga practice has much to offer society today. With the current concerns about childhood obesity and depression it is no wonder that educationists everywhere are working hard to find ways to combat these growing issues. Magic Me and Who Am I? can make a valuable contribution to help alleviate these problems. Jane maintains that yoga builds a foundation for successful living. Yoga practice can increase physical strength and stamina, improve the posture and create a sense of inner wisdom and emotional empowerment. Yoga is about knowing peace and joy.

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