Mood Yoga—The Method & The Book

1. Your Emotional Life

Mood Yoga is a style of yoga that is designed to influence your emotional life in a positive way. Emotion is a cognitive and physical process, hence emotions affect the quality of our physical life as well as our mental state. Mood Yoga provides various techniques to control negative emotions and to inspire more positive feelings, offering physical, mental and emotive benefits that inspire life-affirming change. Mood Yoga incorporates the insights of the Eastern philosophy of Classical Yoga (The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali). The Yoga Sutras offer philosophical advice and a variety of physical practices that create hope, peace and transformation. These practices can bring you closer to your true nature: joy.

Mood Yoga is a process that has been specifically designed to help you break free of negative conditioning. It is a process that explains why we behave the way we do and how to recognize the negative thought-habits that can control our life. Its theoretical frameworks explains some of the reasons why we experience negative addictions (ie. drugs, gambling, over-eating and alcohol) that develop as a way of self-soothing emotional hurts.

Pictured: The moody ogre in the child pose, illustrated by Charlotte Gelin. Send Charlotte an e-mail.

Mood Yoga—The Method & The Book Continued:
  1. East Meets West
  2. No Fuss Therapy
  3. Regurgitating Thoughts & Emotional Traits
  4. Feuerstein's Psycho-Technology
  5. Practicalities
Background Concepts to Mood Yoga:
  1. The Secret to Mood Yoga
  2. Stress: Fight or Flight
  3. Ubiquity: Quantum Theory