Background Concepts to Mood Yoga

3. Ubiquity: Quantum Theory

Quantum theorist Gloria Alvino says:

...the universe is defined as a world of wave-like patterns of interconnectedness, a dynamic, inseparable whole that always includes the observer. [Hence] we are not separated parts from the whole. We are the whole. (Alvino 1996)

As part of the whole, everything we do and say has a direct bearing on our world. In essence, quantum theory suggests that how we view our world will determine the outcome of our existence (Zohar 1990)—the observer is part of the experience. This kind of scientific premise frees us from the concept that everything is predetermined and unchangeable; it reflects unlimited possibilities. For instance, the moment we pass through a door, whatever exists on the other side of the door will change forever as a result of our presence; the observer cannot help but influence what is being observed (Wolf 1985 b). This process is influenced greatly by our thoughts. Our intention is everything.

Mood Yoga teaches us, through motion and awareness, how to use our 'higher mind' (Buddhi—the feminine form of Buddha—the awakened one), so when we go through that door our intention is peace.

Mood Yoga—The Method & The Book:

  1. Your Emotional Life
  2. East Meets West
  3. No Fuss Therapy
  4. Regurgitating Thoughts & Emotional Traits
  5. Feuerstein's Psycho-Technology
  6. Practicalities