Background Concepts to Mood Yoga

1. The Secret to Mood Yoga

Do you want to:

  • feel joyful
  • look younger
  • be healthy
  • have energy
  • and live a happy, long and rewarding life?

All of these things are within your grasp.

Mood Yoga is a practice designed to generate positive emotions while improving your general health and wellbeing. According to modern science, what we feel (emotionally) has a significant effect on our health and wellbeing.

In many ways our health is directly related to our habits. Quantum theory suggests that the 'probability that something will happen is associated with the amount of energy required to make to it happen' (Zohar 1990, p. 183). In other words, things that require less energy happen more easily. Our habits represent the easiest option, not the best one.

Mood Yoga gives us a way to exchange our negative habits for more positive ones.

The secret to Mood Yoga is its use of the physical body to help manifest a more fulfilling emotional reality. Again, quantum theory maintains that every molecule is made up of both wave and particle (vibration and matter). We are not just one or the other, mind or body, we are a complex integration of both. This has had an enormous impact on the way we see ourselves within the world and the way we experience our own physical, mental and emotional reality. It reflects an interconnectedness between matter and vibration—body and mind—hence, we can see how using the body (breath and movement) can effect our mind (emotions).

To understand this concept it is important to know something about the way the body and mind function with regard to tension or stress. See Stress: Fight or Flight.

Background Concepts to Mood Yoga Continued:

  1. Stress: Fight or Flight
  2. Ubiquity: Quantum Theory

Mood Yoga—The Method & The Book:

  1. Your Emotional Life
  2. East Meets West
  3. No Fuss Therapy
  4. Regurgitating Thoughts & Emotional Traits
  5. Feuerstein's Psycho-Technology
  6. Practicalities