Nurturing Yoga Retreats

What to Expect

Arrive on Friday night (between 7-8pm) and nestle in with a cuppa and a warm muffin (in winter the fire will be crackling). While having supper you'll get to know each other (there will be between four and eight participants). We will take this opportunity to let you know what to expect over the weekend and we will give you a timetable (all activities are optional).

When everyone has arrived and supper is finished, we will go to the yoga room for a meditative and relaxing yoga practice. The basic principles behind yoga will be explained (no need for prior experience). Any problems you may like to bring up can be discussed at this time (or privately if you wish-at any time during the weekend, you will be able to give us feedback on how you are going. If you have any questions we will answer them to the best of our knowledge).

The rest of the evening is yours to enjoy-catch up on your reading, play a game of chess, enjoy each other's company or simply jump into bed for a restful sleep.

The sample timetable explains what's on for the rest of the weekend (it may vary slightly). It will be up to you which activities you wish to join. If you need a private yoga therapy consultation, this can be arranged.

The emphasis of the weekend is on honouring the self, being comfortable and feeling nurtured. You will be under no pressure whatsoever. We promote confidentiality and non-judgment so anything discussed will be kept between us. You will not be required to be involved in any part of the food preparation or chores, so you'll have plenty of time to sit and relax (tea, coffee, water and snacks will be available throughout the weekend).

Over the weekend we will teach you take-home relaxation techniques that will help you cope with the pressures of everyday living.

Our goal is to send you home happy, relaxed and feeling great!

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