Women's Nurturing Retreats

Types of Retreats

Each month we hold a Women's Nurturing Retreat. These are designed for small groups of women (between 4-8 participants). These retreats aim to help you restore yourself - to de-stress, nurture, inspire and rejuvenate. The yoga taught is explained fully so no previous experience is necessary. The groups are very supportive and we practice non-judgement and confidentiality at all times. Come away and let us look after you for a while (see Sample Timetable and What to Expect).

Custom Design or Special Interest Groups

We can run a yoga retreat to suit you. If you have a group of friends (mixed or single sex) and want a weekend away designed to help you de-stress then this is for you. The focus or theme can be specific to your needs. If you need to recuperate after illness, or to de-stress and unwind, or to build strength or improve your sense of self-worth, whatever the need, we will create a weekend that focuses on helping you to feel better about life.

Your group might fall under the following description or it may be something completely different: corporate, sports, hobby, age-specific, family, general health or recuperative.

How about a 'Hens' nurturing weekend? You can opt to make Saturday night's dinner extra-special by going as a group to one of the fine eateries on Phillip Island, or simply enjoy a bottle of bubbly by the fire!

Why not have your next board meeting or planning session while on a health retreat?

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