Rhyll, Phillip Island

Phillip Island

'Phillip Island—nature island—situated in Western Port, is a place of natural beauty, sandy beaches, tranquil wetlands and unique wildlife experiences.' (www.visitphillipisland.com)


'Take a stroll along the Rhyll Inlet—it is a haven for myriads of sea birds. Watch out for pelicans, black swans, gulls and ibis. The inlet is recognised the world over as a significant area for migratory wading birds.

Other nature walks include the Oswin Roberts Koala Reserve in Harbinson Road, Conservation Hill Lookout and the Rhyll Swamp Bird Sanctuary board walk located on the Cowes-Rhyll Road.' (www.visitphillipisland.com)

Being Well Nurturing Retreats take participants on the Conservation Hill Walk on Saturday morning*—see our sample timetable.

*Participation in all activities is optional. Participants can also choose to do short—half way—or long versions of this walk. Walk destination and timing are subject to change.



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