Yoga Therapy Vs Western Medicine

How Yoga Therapy Differs

Western medicine often uses drugs to artificially alter the body's chemical balance. Alternatively, Yoga Therapy works to stimulate the natural chemical function in the body without the use of drugs. In basic terms, Western medicine has any number of medical fields that specialise in treating specific ailments and equally there are thousands of chemical treatments (drugs) available to treat particular dis-eases. Where the Western model focuses on treating the symptoms, Yoga Therapy explores the reason why the problem developed and what can be done to alleviate the problem and to avoid further symptoms. Hence, in many ways, Western medicine deals with 'parts' of the patient, whereas the Yoga Therapy model focuses on the whole person. This is not to say that the symptoms manifested do not need to be dealt with. On the contrary, the appearance of symptoms is the Yoga Therapists starting point. But rather than just focusing on one problem and endeavouring to 'find a cure' for that ailment, the Yoga Therapist also looks at the whole person, basically asking the question:

What is out of balance? or;
What is the underlying reason why this symptom has manifested?

Nonetheless, a good Yoga Therapist recognises the benefits of Western medicine and will advise the patient/client to seek the help of Western medicine where appropriate. In cases where Western medicine is the best course of action, yoga therapy can still compliment the healing process.

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